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Senin, 01 Juni 2009

Foto Artis Derby Romeo Cowok Keren

Biodata Derby Romero Profile

Foto Cowok Keren Derby Romeo Artis Cowok Seksi
Cowok Seksi Derby Romeo Artis Indonesia

Full Name : Martua Derby Romero Nainggolan
Alternative Name : Derby Romero, Derbi Romeo, Deby Romero, Derby Romeo
Nickname : Sadam
Place / Date of birth : Jakarta, 8 Juni 1990
Father's Name : Igor Nainggolan
Mother's Name : Nita Tanuwijaya
Religion : Kristen Protestan
Zodiac : Gemini
Relationship / pacar : unknown
Occupation : Actor, Singer, Atlet Anggar
Education : Paramadina University, majoring Law Hukum Notariat
Hobby : Otomotif, basketball, skateboarding, anggar
Favorite Books : Comics
Favorite Movies : Petualangan Sherina, Janus Prajurit Terakhir, 28 Weeks later, 300, HEROES, Godfather Trilogy
Favorite Music : Azzidodabass, Limp Bizkit, Spiller, Shaggy, Rock and Dance
Favorite TV Show : MTV Pimp My Ride

foto derby romeo, sherina munaf, kevin Julio
Foto Derby Romeo Artis Cowok dan Cowok Keren Seksi

Filmography / Sinetron Title :Bukan Cowok Bugil

* Petualangan Sherina (2000), as Sadam / Saddam (starring with Sherina Munaf, Didi Petet, Mathias Muchus, Ratna Riantiarno, Butet Kertaradjasa), directed by Riri Riza
* Janus: Prajurit Terakhir (2003), as Mayo (starring with Alyssa Soebandono as Indri, Reggy Lawalata, Torro Margens, Jamie Aditya and Wawan Wanisar). Cowok Seksi
* Kepompong (2008-2009) at SCTV, as Indra, Aryani Fitriana as Chacha, Dinda Kirana as Bebi, Mikha Tambayong as Tasya, and Tania Putri as Hellen (they are member of D'Rainbow / de`Rainbow genk). Foto Cowok

photo Derby Romero young child, are those women is pacar Derby Romero ? it's look like teen girls and the others like as tante muda or wanita STW (setengah tua)

Martua Derby Romero Nainggolan, better known as Derby Romero was born in Jakarta, June 8, 1990. Derby started her career as little Sadam
in the film Petualangan Sherina. After a long absent artist in the world, he returned in a sinetron entitled Kepompong, as Indra that SCTV release every afternoon at 16.30 pm. Derby Romero caem had entertaining soul, natural and full of inspiration. Not easy to attract spectactors who are currently like impression reality show. However, Derby are sure sooner or later, sinetron loyal audience, let alone who want fresh and entertaining stories, will like it. Many audience love him, because Derby really cowok cakep, cowo cute, cowok imut, cowok asyik and lucu. He's also mahasiswa gaul and seksi, but never photo Derby Romero telanjang or Derby Romero bugil foto on the camera, you couldn't found it. I think Derby Romero will be famous young Indonesian actors, like as Lucky Perdana and Rezky Aditya.. so many young hot girls very interest would like to be her pacar or kekasih asmara Derbi. Bukan Cowok Telanjang.

 Derby Romeo gelora asmara- Derby Romeo Cowok Ganteng Keren Seksi
Aryani Fitriana, Dinda Kirana, Derby Romero, Mikha Tambayong, Tania Putri

Persahabatan bagai kepompong,
merubah ulat menjadi kupu-kupu malam,
Persahabatan bagai kepompong
Hal yang tak mudah berubah jadi indah
Persahabatan bagai kepompong,

In addition as the movies and soap opera actors, Derby is also a student at law faculty in Jakarta, and even had time to follow Pelatnas Anggar, he's a fencing athlete. Derby Romero also makes music album after the vote on the practice Bertha and Bornok Hutahuruk, and produced a music album titled Tangguh, with main song Gelora Asmara which is the last soundtrack sinetron Kepompong. Because he is easy to interact with other peoples, no wonder if Derby Romeo has known many close friends, such as Randy Pangalila, Kevin Julio, Bobby Joseph and Sherina Moenaf. Here's the lirik lagu Gelora Asmara.... Cowok Ganteng, Cowok-cowok.


Derby Romero (born 8 June 1990; age 18 years) is the Brazil. This is known after the play in the film Adventure Sherina. Derby Romero is a Protestant also had a role in the film Last Janus soldiers.

Vacuum cleaner old akting of the world, busy Derby finish school. Currently, the Derby back to the world of entertainment with berakting in sinetron cocoon, running every day at SCTV pukul 16:30 WIB.

In addition akting in the world, the actors who are still studying in the faculty of law, the fortune in the world menjajal pull votes. With menggandeng Iras Dollaren, she formed Duo Derby and launched its first single, "Gelora Asmara." This song became a soundtrack of the sinetron dibintanginya, Kepompong. Artis Sinetron Cowok, Artis Pendatang Baru. Artis ganteng.

derby, derby romeo photo artist also most attractive woman, video-video, especially with songs titled tempestuousness love. many are confused or name Romero derby derby romeo. Laki-laki Seksi, Laki-laki Sexy.

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