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Jumat, 05 Juni 2009

Foto Olga Syah Putra Artis Cowok Seksi Hot

 Foto Artis Cowok Ganteng

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Initially, the presence of Olga Syahputra in syuting location is just as fans who want to request a signature and photo idolanya with the current epoch is syuting.

However, if it is not presumed eldest of seven brothers pair Nur Rachman Nurhida this and even go to the same world with these idolanya. "Then, there is a nawarin I play in the film Lenong Bocah. But he said, I must first participate in the exercise Sanggar Ananda, "said Olga.
If you remember the first-time difficulties, the original owner's name Syahputra Yoga is not the power of holding water. Section, he had a refrigerator must sell to pay for the cost of the course Sanggar Ananda.
Fortunately, he has friends such as Bertrand Antolin. Olga hear distress, Bertrand immediately hand over hand, to give some money to do 23 this year to buy a new refrigerator.

foto olgasyahputra, gambar olga syahputra seksi, hot olga syahputrawhen talking about TOKET of plump ARTIS Bugil the easy way to do smth while enjoying a cigarette and a glass of bitter coffee, and smoke out of the mouth, eyes that bug out here tuh ngeliatin its curvaceous TOKET sections and ARTIS ARTIS BUGIL.Biografi:

Yoga Syahputra or better known by the name of Olga Syahputra is an actor, comedy events and of Indonesia. Men born in Jakarta, 8 February 1983 that, with the characters often appear in each Waria appearance.

Eldest of seven brothers and pair Nur Rachman Nurhida this career through the Sanggar Ananda. Sanggar leaders through Aditya Gumay, and Olga have the opportunity to appear in a number of events and syuting film / sinetron.

Olga was never star sinetron Gantung Single, SI Yoyo and film the big screen and the Virgin SUSAHNYA SO TINA AND LENONG Bocah Toon: The Movie. Followed by the chance to become a presenter Ngidam a program running on SCTV pair with Jeremy Thomas.

In addition, Olga is also a role in the comedy I Do not Kiss, Extravanganza ABG, and Prime Time. Later himself also joined with Indra Bekti and Indy Barends in Ceriwis who live every day in TransTV.

2008, the name is Olga entertaintment in the world. In addition to a music event presenter DAHSYAT with Luna Maya and Raffi Ahmad in RCTI, he appears in several movies. Of them, scandals NGEPET Pigs CINTA LAGI MAU and eventually changed the title due to be Cintaku Forever dicekal before.

Not only a presenter and berakting, but Olga menekuni world also began to pull the vote. Currently he is preparing an album perdananya.

Awards event at the Panasonic 12-Olga to successfully buy trophies. Pelantun tembang Hantu (broken heart) to get trophies in this category Presenter Music Favorite Favorite comedian and beat a senior-seniornya.

the basic men doyannya ngeliatin TOKET plump, so that TOKET ABG, TOKET Tante, atawa TOKET plump ARTIS. but what can ya?

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